UNMASKING ELUSIONS: these are the 10 Essentials for Every Young Persons

    1. Reading all the business books in the world doesn’t translate into any real business
    2. Social media is not a real social medium
    3. Pornography won’t translate into intercourse
    4. Drugs are facades
    5. Gambling isn’t real investment
    6. Video games aren’t real life.
    7. Replace internet marathon with some good sleep.
    8. Masturbation isn’t real satisfaction.
    9. Procrastination isn’t real rest.
    10. The only real people are your parent.

Lesson #1: Reading all the business books in the world doesn’t translate into any real business.

It is often said, readers are leaders, and reading is one of the habits of every business magnet. While business books offer valuable insights, If the knowledge gathered  are not accompanied by real-world application, it becomes useless to the real world. It is practical experience that will enable the young mind to learn and understand business complexities that will enhance proper decision making. There are so many advantages in starting, example: stepping out from the pages of books, will help you build profitable network with industry professionals for supports and access to valuable resources.


Lesson #2 The Deceptive Facade: Social media is not a real social medium

The era of social media has advance human’s life, it literally compressed the world  into the size of any gadget at disposal. While the importance of social media cannot be overemphasized, it is definitely not a real means of socialization. Social media only reveal the most enticing aspect of life, it doesn’t reveal what real life is. Everything about it is superficial. Therefore one cannot live a real and meaningful life via the social media. It lacks real humanly connection, it is time consuming, thus hindering and distracting individual from personal growth and engaging in real world.

Lesson #3 Pornography Does Not Translate Into Intercourse And Real Intimacy

Every young person should understand that pornography addiction is a killer of authentic sexual relationships; it is dangerous to mistake the fiction of pornography for reality which can lead to unrealistic expectations and a skewed perception of healthy and satisfying intimacy. It is wise to do everything within your reach to avoid pornography.

Lesson #4: Drugs Are Facades:

The deceptive gratification of drugs is temporary, it has never help anyone to escapes from reality. Rather than relying on substances, young individuals should seek healthier coping mechanisms and address underlying issues to achieve lasting well-being and personal.

Lesson #5: Gambling Isn’t Real Investment:

The biggest investment scam is the fallacy of gambling. Unlike true investment, which involves calculated risks and informed decision-making, gambling relies on chance. Recognizing this distinction empowers individuals to make wise financial choices and build a solid foundation for their future. It builds false hope and caged it victims in living a life of shadow and smoke.

Lesson #6: Video Games Aren’t Real Life:

Take for instance, the virtual realm of Driving massive cars is different from the  complexities of real-life experiences. While video games can be entertaining and immersive, striking a balance between virtual entertainment and active engagement in the real world fosters personal growth, real relationships, and the pursuit of tangible accomplishments.

Lesson #7: Replace internet marathon with some good sleep

There has been a lot of emphasizes on the importance of prioritizing restful sleep over indulging in prolonged internet usage. By replacing excessive screen time with sufficient sleep, individuals enhance their physical and mental well-being, boost cognitive function, and promote overall productivity and happiness.

Lesson #8: Masturbation Isn’t Ultimate Satisfaction:

While masturbation seems to be a part of every young person, it is one of the essential lessons for the young mind to understand that masturbation alone does not lead to genuine satisfaction. While self-pleasure is a natural aspect of human sexuality, it is vital to understand that true fulfilment and connection stem from healthy relationships, emotional intimacy, and open communication with partners.

Lesson #9: Procrastination Isn’t Real Rest:

There is this self deception about procrastination, the misconception and false belief that procrastination provides genuine rest. It is rather draining than gainful. While taking breaks is necessary for rejuvenation, chronic procrastination leads to increased stress, decreased productivity, and missed opportunities. Engaging in purposeful relaxation and effective time management practices ensures a healthy work-life balance. It is important to distinguish between having to rest from work and the lazy act of procrastination.

Lesson #10: The only real people are your parent.

The fact still remains; the only real people are your parents because they are true without any symptoms of clap-back. The significance of cherishing and respecting one’s parents is enormous. Parents play an integral role in providing love, support, and guidance throughout life. Recognizing their importance fosters personal growth, emotional well-being, and the preservation of precious family connections. 

What is the CONCLUSION of the whole matter?

This article exposes common illusions prevalent in society; these are some of the irrefutable truth that is critically essential for every young person to know before being caught up in the web. It urges young individuals to prioritize reality and embrace meaningful experiences. As the world keeps evolving, there are numerous distractions against destinies, therefore, By understanding that drugs are facades, gambling is not genuine investment, video games aren’t a substitute for real life, restful sleep is crucial, satisfaction goes beyond masturbation, procrastination is not genuine rest, and parents hold immeasurable value, individuals can make informed decisions, cultivate genuine relationships, and lead a purposeful and fulfilling life. Embracing these lessons allows young individuals to navigate the world with wisdom, authenticity, and a deeper appreciation for the realities that truly matter.

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  1. the message seems well-balanced and promotes a thoughtful approach to incorporating gaming into one’s life while maintaining a connection with reality and its various opportunities for growth and fulfillment.


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