20 Top Destinations For Solo Travelers

It’s been said that people take journeys, not the other way around. Out of all the places I have seen on my own, a select few have had a profound impact on who I am now. Certain places are ideal for lone travellers, whether it’s taking a two-week self-drive tour of Ireland’s verdant countryside or enrolling in a vegan yoga retreat in New Zealand (sounds insane, more on that later).

20 Top Destinations For Solo Travelers

Traveling alone is not as difficult as you would assume. Making the decision to go on your first solo trip and taking the first step is the hardest part. These are the top destinations for solitary travel so you can better organize your vacation.

1. Indonesia’s Bali

Bali became well-known to many tourists after the Eat Pray Love boom, particularly to lone female travellers. Even though Bali has become unduly touristic, there are still serene, less developed areas of the island where the charm still exists. Bali feels like a lost planet that time has forgotten.

You may find countless yoga courses and retreats if you travel away from the coast to Ubud and beyond. We still adore Uluwatu, and if you settle down here in the South, you will undoubtedly develop a deep affection for Bali.

2. Irish Road Trip

I’ll never forget the day I rented a car in Dublin and headed west without a plan for two weeks. I didn’t plan everything because friends who had been to Ireland before urged me not to. I got there, rented a car, and travelled to the untamed west coast. After spending a few hours each day driving, I would stop at any bed and breakfast that caught my attention, spend one or two nights there, and then resume my journey.

When travelling alone, we occasionally try to schedule things down to the last minute to avoid encountering difficulties that we have to resolve on the spot. I’m not an outlier either! But going to Ireland was the ideal opportunity for me to relinquish control and follow my instincts.

3. Italy’s Tuscany

I have been across Italy extensively throughout the years, but Tuscany is my favourite place to visit. This area of Italy is home to stunning scenery, gently sloping hills, delicious cuisine, and hospitable residents.

Renting a car and travelling at your own speed is the best way to view the Italian countryside. You will undoubtedly have a more genuine experience and get to know more locals if you can arrange to travel during the shoulder seasons that precede or follow the summer.

4. New Zealand’s Queenstown

Queenstown is the epicentre of adventure, and New Zealand is among the most daring travel destinations. This is the place to parachute, bungee jump, raft down a canyon, and pretty much do anything else you can think of that will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Travelling alone is ideal on New Zealand’s South Island. It’s safe and simple to travel to New Zealand. To explore everything at your leisure, you might want to think about hiring a van for a week and exploring the South Island on your own. To view the highlights, a week is sufficient; but, if you have more time, I would suggest three to four weeks. You have enough time to explore the island at your speed, take a couple of day hikes, and see the scenery. Recall that in the end, the trip is what counts!

5. Chile and Patagonia

I frequently express to others my passion for Patagonia. Given that it traverses a wide variety of landscapes, Chile is a very diversified country, but the real enchantment is in the south.

Although the winters are harsh due to the region’s proximity to Antarctica, now is the ideal time of year to take pictures of the snow-capped mountain peaks. Maybe there’s nowhere better in the world to disconnect from the outside world and have some alone time if you’re more of an active traveller who loves to hike.

6. Morocco

Morocco is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the Instagram era because of its vibrant colours and mayhem. Morocco offers visitors a wealth of cultural experiences.

This is one of the most interesting nations to travel alone, even though it may initially seem dangerous, especially for a woman travelling alone. Morocco is a terrific place to explore on your own if you keep your wits about you and take the required precautions to stay safe.

7. Japan

I have a special place in my heart for Japan. This country’s citizens are friendly, tidy, safe, and very efficient. Therefore, Japan is the ideal place for lone travellers. By rail is the most convenient way for solo travellers to visit Japan. Japan’s public transportation system is incredibly effective, among the most cost-effective methods to go throughout the nation, and it also eliminates the stress of organizing travel. You can count on punctuality for any train in Japan!

My stay in the highlands for a few nights with Buddhist monks was one of my favourite experiences in Japan. Every morning began with meditation and tea—plenty of tea—followed by a typical Buddhist breakfast, which was vegetarian with heaps of tofu. You can gain a genuine understanding of Japanese customs and cultures by participating in this local experience.

8. France’s Paris

You may not immediately consider Paris as a location for a solo trip, but trust me when I say that there isn’t a single city in the world that I would rather explore on my own! I have been going to Paris every April to do just that for the past few years. Every year, I plan to check out a new pastry shop, or language course, or just explore the city of (self) love through food.

9. South Africa

South Africa has a negative reputation for being dangerous, particularly for lone travellers. You may enjoy travelling to South Africa alone if you’ve done your studies and know a little bit about the country before you go. If you’re travelling to South Africa for the first time, I’d suggest going directly to the Western Cape and starting your adventure alone in Cape Town.

You can rent a car from here and drive to the neighbouring towns of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, which are among the most popular in the Cape Winelands (yep, wine!). Everything about the wine! If you have extra time, I would recommend visiting Hermanus, a tranquil beach town that is only a short drive from Cape Town (you may take a roundabout route if you visit after the Winelands). You just must not pass up the chance to enjoy your first safari adventure after this! There are many different safari options available throughout South Africa. Visit the following link for some recommendations.

10. Australia

Given that this is a country the size of Australia, it should come as no surprise that it ranks among the finest for solo travel. For most tourists, Australia is a far-off place, but it’s worth making the trek to this island nation in the South Pacific once you get there.

Australia has a lot of wonderful towns and cities to see, but if you’re going alone, there are a few popular places you shouldn’t miss. If you want a taste of East Coast Australian city life, consider beginning your adventure in Sydney or Melbourne. From there, undiscovered destinations like Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, Tasmania, and Kangaroo Island are excellent choices for lone travellers looking to get away from it all.

Travelling to Uluru in the Northern Territory, the Gold Coast in Queensland, and the Barossa Valley in South Australia is a must if you are interested in hotpots.

11. The Netherlands

I never considered travelling solo in the Netherlands until I was doing it. A few years back, I was flown to Amsterdam for a book tour across the nation after my book was translated into Dutch. I was instantly enamoured with Dutch cuisine, culture, charming little villages, and welcoming residents. The Netherlands remains one of my favourite places to visit on my own even now.

12. Iceland

Iceland, the country of fire and ice, is a great destination for lone travellers. Iceland has many spectacular scenery and short day hikes, despite its high cost. The greatest way to see this nation is by vehicle, so make sure you download some new music and podcasts!

13. Palestine and Israel

My understanding of history has completely transformed as a result of my travel to the Holy Land. Although hostilities between Israel and Palestine still exist, I decided to travel to both to learn more.

If you are interested in religion, this is a fantastic solo excursion for you to do. As a Christian, I was astounded by the terrain I was walking on. It is really unlike anything else!

14. California Road Trip

Few road journeys have ever been as peaceful and tranquil as travelling along Pacific Coast Highway One. There’s something about Southern California that makes you feel like time has stopped.

Highlights include the quaint hamlet of Carmel-by-the-Sea and the stunning Encinitas, which is a vegan and vegetarian paradise.

15. Lanka

In quest of sun, beach, and surf, single travellers have swiftly come to love Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is even been dubbed “the next Bali” by some. If you’re looking for a solitary getaway, Sri Lanka can be the perfect choice for you.

16. Arizona

One of my favourite US states is Arizona, and travelling by car is the greatest way to see it. There’s a lot to see in Arizona as you head north toward the Grand Canyon and Page, starting in Phoenix. A short drive from Phoenix is the peaceful village of Scottsdale, one of the less well-known attractions. If you enjoy visiting unusual locations, Jerome Ghost Town is a great spot to visit. In addition, Page is a fantastic location and the entry point to the Navajo Nation.

17. Provence, France

Recurring trips rank among my all-time favourite solo excursions. I keep rushing away to France, like a recurring dream. Provence is home to many of my favourite country towns and villages that I have visited in France. There’s no denying that summer is the ideal season to visit Provence. The fields of sunflowers and lavender are at their peak bloom during this time.

18. Malta

Ever since saw picture of Valletta, the capital, years ago, had been itching to visit Malta.did just that little over year ago, albeit for brief two-day visit. You should spend at least week in Malta, especially during the summer. This is when the nation delivers the quintessential Mediterranean feel you’ve been looking for elsewhere.

19. Catalonia, Spain

One may argue that the liveliest and most dynamic area of Spain to visit is the Catalonia region. Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona, embodies the essence of the region. This is the ideal spot to start your Spanish experiences by yourself. Spend a minimum of three or four nights exploring Barcelona, a city that has many facets to its personality. Start the day with a tour of the city’s many Gaudi locations, then end the evening with a vibrant dinner in El Borne.

Discovering the greatest patatas bravas might easily take up your entire day because the city is full of hidden jewels. Which, I may add, I have discovered in good numbers. Beyond Barcelona, there’s more to discover in this dynamic part of Spain, so plan to stay a while!

20. DC, Washington

The smaller sibling of Georgetown, D.C., this collegiate town is an excellent base for a solo journey. The University town is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon because it’s safe and lovely. You can try your hand at canoeing or rowing on the river, or you can spend the entire afternoon wandering about and taking in the architecture. Remember to sample the renowned cupcakes.

After stuffing your face with cupcakes, stroll down to the Lincoln Memorial beside the river. Everybody enjoys the sun, playing volleyball, walking their dogs, or catching those annoying Pokemon (there are a lot in D.C.!) on summer weekends. You may frequently sit and enjoy free performances at the Lincoln Memorial, or you can explore the National Mall and take in all of the memorials along the way. There are also more than 14 museums to visit and more than 40 food trucks to select from! Bonus: they’re all without cost.


Solo travel opens doors to unparalleled experiences and self-discovery, and the top destinations highlighted in this article provide the perfect backdrop for solo adventurers. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the breathtaking natural wonders of Iceland, each destination offers unique opportunities for exploration and personal growth. Whether you crave cultural immersion, outdoor adventures, or serene retreats, these destinations cater to diverse interests and travel styles.

Remember, solo travel allows you the freedom to create your journey, embrace new experiences, and connect with like-minded travellers along the way. So, seize the opportunity, step out of your comfort zone, and embark on a solo adventure that will create memories to last a lifetime. The world awaits your exploration, and solo travel is the perfect way to discover it on your terms.

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