In life, we are all travelers on a unique and unpredictable journey. The fact that life is unpredictable makes it a stage full of lessons as we play out our unique roles on the journey of life. To those who desire having a remarkable journey, there are timeless truths that resonate with the very essence of living. These timeless truths are principles that can usher anyone to an enviable class.


 I invite you to embrace a transformative experience as I reveal 5 irrefutable lessons that have stood the test of time. You can refer to these 5 insights as wisdom from ancient times that still provide a new perspective on the current world today.

These lessons will reveal the power to navigate life’s challenges with newfound grace, strength, and resilience. I urge you to stay glued till the end.


Life, in many ways, begins with glamourized prospects; we often have dreams and fanciful visions. No one would pray to go dirty before living out the prospective future. Prolonged struggles and hurdles are usually not in view; sometimes, we may be pre-informed about the roughness that comes with success; however, not as life plays out to the face. Some had wished to fly in the air but end up fixing a bicycle in the yard.

 During our growing years, we set sail with conviction, eager to manifest our visions into reality. Yet, as we traverse the labyrinth of existence, the unexpected orchestrates a captivating dance with our well-laid plans. This intricate interplay between our carefully crafted blueprint and the unpredictable cadence of actuality becomes the very essence of our human experience. These complexities in itself make life fun, though some throw in the towel easily without viewing life from a different prism.

Weaving your script into reality

One irrefutable truth is that life has its own script that must play out; it also has the natural ability to merge into ours. Sometimes, it’s a grave mistake to want to ignore the script of life. Yes! We’ve got to be in control; life too has a part to play supreme. It demands that we dissolve into each other before something beautiful can come into reality. That being said, one cannot always have it in replica as we planned.

When the unscripted symphony plays

Alas! Life’s symphony knows no script. The conductor of reality wields an unpredictable baton, composing a score filled with unforeseen notes and unforeseen twists. It is in the meeting of our blueprint with this unscripted symphony that we find the most profound expressions of our humanity. Every detour and unexpected encounter becomes a delicate dance that tests our adaptability and resilience. When a different music is played, here calls the power of resilience.


Settling the natural dispute:

On destiny’s stage, we learn the art of reconciling our script with what life had scripted. We embrace the wisdom of surrendering yet not giving up to the rhythm of life, accepting that our plans may veer off sometimes. We discover the power in resilience and reprogramming again and again until the crown is bestowed upon our head, for it is in surrendering to re-strategize that we find our true strength. We also learn to pivot gracefully; we discover that true growth often emerges from the spaces where our blueprint and reality intertwine.

Understanding the Melody:

In the dance of destiny, understanding the interplay between your plans and life’s twist is very crucial. Within the interplay lies a treasure trove of lessons. We learn that our aspirations, passion, and vision must not be confined to rigid scripts but can evolve organically. Setbacks and challenges become stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks, leading us to unexpected symphonies of achievement. 


The dance of interplay imparts resilience, humility, and a profound appreciation for the journey itself. It is only when there is harmony between our blueprint and reality that pressure, depression, and negativity will disappear, and our souls find resonance in the ever-changing rhythm of life.



There is basically no way to roll out class, superiority, power, wealth, and fame off human existence. But what is more real than the facades of life is that “We are all ordinary people.” Those who do extraordinary things are on the world climb that exalts the extraordinary. We often forget that within each of us lies the essence of ordinariness. Our hopes, dreams, joys, and struggles unite us, transcending the surface differences that seek to divide. There is no such thing as a superior gender or superhuman being.


This realization offers to liberate us from the shackles of comparison, for within the heart of every ordinary person lies the potential for extraordinary acts of kindness, love, and compassion. Every individual we encounter carries within them a story, and stories matter because they are what we use to dispossess one another. Therefore, through unique individual stories, we can unite a people.


Lesson 3: BE HUMBLE


Life, they say, is in phases. In the midst of every phase, there exists an unyielding truth: “You won’t stay fresh forever.” Time itself should teach humility because of the fleeting nature of youth and the passage of time, urging us to embrace the virtue of humility. Every passing moment is taking us closer to the grave; beauty fades, and money can be smoked away as we journey through the gentle dance of time. You won’t stay fresh forever because there is nothing that is permanent, including you and me. Therefore, it is wise to treat everyone with respect. The essence of life lies not solely in our accomplishments or possessions but in the profound impact we have on others.


Lesson 4: KARMA

The wisdom of the ages has taught us that “You get the same that you give.” Our actions and intentions echo back into our lives, shaping our reality. When we spread kindness and positivity, we receive love and joy in return. Conversely, negativity begets discontent.

Karma has become an integral part of human actions. Embrace this wisdom, mindful of the energy we contribute.



There is a book that most people fail to read during their existence; it is the book that contains our stories. We tend to focus on others—what they achieved, who they are, how bad they have been, etc., and we forget to open the pages about ourselves. Your story matters too; this way you would be able to embark on the journey of self-exploration, valuing our story over the temptation to compare ourselves with others.



  1. The call to embrace the virtue of humility in the face of life’s fleeting nature is a poignant message. the significance of treating others with respect and kindness, recognizing that our true legacy lies not in our achievements or possessions but in the positive impact we leave on others.
    I’m much inspired sir.


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