7 things to learn from the devil.



There is something to learn from everything, even in pure evil, there are some measures of lesson, but did I just say, Devil? Absolutely YES! I will be sharing some hard facts that probably would sound weird.

Again, one may query why these qualities should be learned from or associated with a malevolent entity like Satan or another query could be like; is there nowhere else to learn from aside the devil? your opinions are correct, but gleaning from my perspective, it would be right to know how this cunning being operate for the sole aim of an advanced individual victory.

However, whether you believe in mysteries or not, the reality supersedes our beliefs. There is no point forbidding what you should probably learn from in order to gain proper knowledge on how to overcome it. One would ask, does the devil succeed? The answer to me is in two ways, YES, he does succeed against those who are naïve to think that Satan is a stupid personality. Failure to diagnose the reason why a part of you would do what you wouldn’t imagine yourself doing consistently means that there are some invisible forces behind it. again, you may believe in God and the existence of the devil or not, at least you should think of the force behind all the NEGATIVES bedeviling the world today.

What force is making the numerous negative impacts against humanity; there is a great success extent at the crime rate. This may not be logical but again there is a level of lesson in everything, so to answer the first part of the question, yes, the devil does succeed to a limit, and we answer the NO aspect in our next related post.


These are the 7 things to learn from the devil.

1. Emotional intelligence:

The devil is often depicted as highly emotionally intelligent, able to read people and understand their motivations. To succeed as a leader, in business, career or in our day-day inter-relationship, one must learn the art of emotional intelligent. This has been a great tool for his advantage.

2. Charisma: 

This is a powerful quality of any influencer, the devil is often depicted to be charismatic, persuasive and charming in manipulating the mind of people. He knows how to present his lures in a very appealing way for people to buy in.

3. Consistency:

He has a never give up spirit, man can easily give up, hell, no! Not the devil, with his persuasive trick, he does come back for whatever was his target. This is a great way to succeed.

4. He is a master strategist: 

He knows when, how, who to launch an attack on, he uses selective manipulation in his plan.

5. Smart and hard worker: 

With the combination of his strategies, he has never relent or get tired of working at all times.

6. Patient: 

The devil takes his time and he ensure he accomplish his objective.

7. Determination: 

one of the major ingredients for success, the devil is determined to do all the evil within his chest.


In summary, it is important to know aforetime the strategies of the master distracter of destiny for the purpose of smashing him even before he lands. This post is not in any way trying to advertise evil or malevolent rather to create a positive perspective even in things considered bad, one does not need to be all negative.


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  1. this writing has said what I have been unable to articulate for some time now. There is a lesson in every thing good or bad, pure or evil. Interesting and factual write up


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