Effects of Gender Expectations on Male Development



Gender expectations is one of the cardinal points of human divides. It is one of the strongest forces of racism and inhumanness. Our focus is on the effects of gender expectations on male development.

How societal expectations have impacted the male development, if anything goes wrong with the man, the same society gets to suffer.

The point I’m trying to make is that, since the evolution of gender differences, society, culture, and different beliefs have since formed what I called “gender doctrine” this dogma is to be believed and practiced by everyone. In our era, it is now looked upon as being natural.

I am not here to talk about the ‘girl child’ or what they’ve been subjected to, never! Rather, there’s a picture or happenings that nearly everyone has gone blind to acknowledge and perhaps also address. It is what the men are going through because they were expected to act masculine, strong, brave, and perhaps never to be seen shedding off emotions. As a man, you are expected to act in a certain way, to shoulder all the responsibility, and never to break down. As a fully masculine man, I have never been a believer in “superior gender” and I won’t enjoy any discussion where the other gender is supposed to be seen as second-class citizens of the world, while we the men perceived to be superheroes.

Society created a mask and they forced us to wear it, it is time we stop hiding behind these masks. Rather I believe that everyone should be treated first as a human before gender and other accessories.

They taught us to be hard if we must be seen as men, they taught us to grow inside a fragile Ego, and they groomed us to believe that our gender helps us walk past a burning furnace without being burnt.

They taught us that at some point if we act it, we can become it, but it never worked, I mean it.

So we grew inside the societal cage of human divides, days flipped through like pages of books yet with numerous unpleasant unfolding and when a man cries, “You’re not a man” you see! They’ve groomed the MEN not to be emotional. We bottle a lot of things inside, does it bother us? Yes! Do we feel depressed? Yes! Do we cry on the inside? Oh yes! Because we were taught to carry our burdens alone without showing it, some men grew up to become monsters, why won’t they be heartless in butchering the breast that fed them? Why won’t they torture the other gender?

Why won’t they pound the head of Innocent babies without sympathy, why won’t they abuse the other gender? Why won’t they become rapists?  Why won’t they be ruthlessly arrogant? Why won’t they become a thorn in the flesh of the society?  Now that the food is sour, they blame us, they say men have PRIDE, men are this, and men are that. Empathy doesn’t in any way accompany PRIDE.

Most men have grown to become a monster that the same society made. The truth is, every man on the street is a warrior! We battle with so many demons inside of us; we fight so hard to appear real yet the real reality is hunting us on the INSIDE, to the privileged few they struggle to WIN, to some they threw in their towel in the pit of SUICIDE.

what are the effects of Gender Expectations on Male Development

When things go wrong there is bound to be an effect, in this context, the negative outcome includes:



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