To develop the world, one must first develop their imaginative power.”

~ Michael Edison

The journey towards greatness commences with the spark of imagination. It’s the indispensable catalyst that propels one into becoming something more than they currently are. Without this initial process of conjuring a mental image, the path to self-realization remains uncharted.

According to Michael Edison, imagination is the ability to create vivid mental pictures of non-realities without relying on physical senses. It’s the alchemy that transforms the invisible into reality, a concept that serves as the cornerstone of human potential.

In this exploration, let’s get into the profound powers that accompany our creative imagination. We must recognize that in every crumbled or void life, negative imagination has played a detrimental role. When the mind crafts a negative mental image, it manifests a life of minimal impact. Every individual possesses imaginative functions, some elevating theirs to higher planes, while others operate in the realm of weakness.

Imagination Makes a god

Before existence and reality, God conceived and formed the picture of every creation in His mind. With meticulous care, He developed each, imparting some of His attributes to enable us to become creators of impossibilities. When one harnesses and nurtures their imaginative potentials to create what has never existed, they ascend to the realm of gods.

Imagination Makes One a Builder or Destroyer

The most potent weapons of destruction are first conceived and nurtured in the mind. Life unfolds based on preexisting non-physical forms. When mental functions lean towards wickedness, negative thoughts unknowingly attract us towards visible properties that transform these thoughts into reality, negative leading to destruction, positive leading to construction.

Imagination Simplifies the Universe Within Our Mind

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

~ Albert Einstein, 1929

Oscar Wilde echoes this sentiment, noting that those who live within their means suffer from a lack of imagination. I resonate with this perspective, living in the imagination of who and what I want to become. My fears interrogate my dreams, and I exist within myself, consumed by the thought of having the world at my fingertips. I am a practical imaginary being.

Imagination transforms lacks and wants into the building blocks of wealth. It may not materialize immediately, but the vivid mental picture within should make you live as if it’s happening. Not as a sluggard’s vague dreams leading to permanent lack.

Creative imagination instigates the wind of realization. It comes with a spur, a burning desire, and daily actions.

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