When you are at the point of  absolute hopelessness. At a point when life itself appear to be worthless. At such times, alot of people will contemplate SUICIDE. Because they felt there’s nothing else to do.

They feel they have reach their peak of TRYING, the thought of hopelessness can be life wrecking. I’ve been there before, ask every great personality, they’ll tell you, there was a point in their life when they felt like it’s over!

The only difference is that, there’s always a way out of every dark moment. Stay with me to the end of this article.


Often ‘LIFE’ leaves us stranded at a crossroads with no clear direction. In moments like these, we’re confronted with the task of picking up our shattered fragments and embarking on a journey of reconstruction. Much like piecing together a complex puzzle, this process demands innovation, determination, and the willingness to explore uncharted territories. In this article, we’ll delve into practical strategies to navigate these critical junctures and emerge with newfound strength and purpose. In Nigeria slang, when you see ” SHEGE PROMAX”  Grap a cup of water if you don’t have a glass of wine  let pull the following strategies together:



Before we can even think about moving forward, we need to gauge the extent of the wreckage.

Take a moment to analyze your current situation, available resources, and personal strengths. Just as assembling a jigsaw puzzle begins with sorting out the edge pieces, assess what aspects of your life can serve as the foundation for your revival.

Note at such moment, finding courage to analyze anything might appear seemingly impossible because, there’s a feeling that says, ” Nothing will work again” but that’s a lie. You’ve got to tell your self that it’s not over until you WIN.


Similar to the unpredictability of fitting together fractured puzzle pieces, embracing uncertainty becomes a crucial step in your journey. Rather than shying away from the unknown, view it as an opportunity for growth. Just as assembling a puzzle presents a chance to explore novel arrangements, consider how adapting your perspective can lead to innovative solutions to your circumstances.

It’s important to realize that it is great men that go through great challenges, do you know what this means? It a clear indication that you’re in the great man shoes, and you’ve got to save up enough stories to tell at the top. So you’ve got to embrace the challenging moments. Accept it because it’s a must go through path if you must be great.



There’s always something new that we can give another try. When conventional routes are blocked, it’s time to blaze a trail of your own. Think of these new pathways as the distinct pieces you rearrange to forge a new image.

Venture into unexplored avenues and contemplate your passions, hobbies, and talents. Perhaps now is the ideal time to chase after a dormant aspiration or explore an unconventional career path. The key lies in remaining open to uncharted possibilities.


The art being able to “carve out fresh trails ” is a a great new skill on it own similar to deciphering the unique shapes and contours of puzzle pieces, rebuilding involves acquiring fresh skills. Identify the skills that can bolster your journey and help you surmount obstacles.

Enroll in programs, seek mentorship, or dive into self-guided learning to broaden your skill set and equip yourself for the journey ahead. You can make use of YouTube channel to learn in adventure. Remember!!!

It’s always in breakdown moments that breakthrough ideas evolves. Give your self time.



DID i just say ” self assurance?” YES! you have to be a little calm and kind to yourself, you’ve to become your OWN source of motivation and assurance. You must of necessity assemble the pieces of your life by restoring your self-assurance.

Remind yourself of past victories and the challenges you’ve triumphed over. Draw strength from your unyielding resilience and unwavering determination, knowing that you possess the capability to rebuild and emerge even stronger.



Just as a finished puzzle can serve as a source of inspiration, seek guidance from individuals who’ve triumphed over similar adversities.

Seek a worthy association, Immerse yourself in success stories, connect with mentors, or engage with support networks. Their experiences can offer insights and approaches that resonate with your personal journey.

A good place to start connecting is here. Send us a personal email : info@edisonwrites.com and we will get in touch.



There are many Causative factors , the world is becoming unfriendly, Life’s tumultuous moments can leave us feeling shattered and incapable of moving forward. Yet, much like the pieces of a disassembled puzzle, each fragment presents an opportunity for personal development, transformation, and a fresh beginning. By evaluating the wreckage, embracing uncertainty, and venturing down new paths, you can embark on a transformative journey of reconstruction, culminating in a more robust, resilient version of yourself.


This implies that when you find yourself grappling with the question of what to do when you’ve hit a wall, remember that you hold the power to gather your fragmented pieces and construct a magnificent new mosaic of your life.

Though it tarries, wait for it.

Do you have a personal story that you may want to add to this article? It may be your own opinion, it maybe a question, whatever it is, drop your thoughts in the comment section and we’ll respond immediately.


  1. This is where I regard you as a doctor.
    Yes a doctor who heals with words, reading you over this years got me here, you are my charger, you have truly understands life in a very powerful way that reading you over this years, your words have awaken me from facebook where it all began.

    I remembered clearly, your words are the ladder I use to climb to this hights, I was at the lowest point of my life, I was in the dark and you showed me how to see myself in here, and I behold it was a “breakthrough from a breakdown” 😁

    Finally today, I am now exactly what I answered you that I saw my to be in five years. Do you remember 2015, when we just met on facebook, I remember I just joined your poetry group “RICH IDEAS POETRY ALLIANCE.” and we were just beginning to know each other better, I didn’t even know you were the admin of the group cos I didn’t know how to navigate facebook. I was completely lost ranting and lamenting about the torture life was using to teach me great lessons.

    Life was in did, hell on earth back then I remember, the country as usual was boiling in it perpetual hardship. Then after chatting with you for days and I believed you truly understood what was going on, you and Mummy Kate, who also there for me, you both become my poetic father and mother.

    Eventually, on a very good day, the universe used you with your magical abilities with words, you asked me a very fine question, I will never forget that day you said “HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN FIVE YEARS” there, I remembered clearly why I was in the Lagos city. I realized I was busy telling you what I didn’t want that was happening and I have never said a word about what I actually wanted, where I wanted to see myself, then it came clear to me that nothing was actually going wrong because the life I wanted was actually right in front of me and all I needed was to reach out for it.
    Without thinking furthermore, I said to you that I wanted to become a super star and with my own record label signing other artist like me.

    I never slept on those words, I worked on myself everyday day and night putting efforts to become who I wanted to become without struggling regardless of what was happening “to me” because I realized things were actually happening “for me” and yes glory be to God I worn. I became an entity with a mission to rescue others like me to not go through the same darkness I went through from my childhood days. That is why WhatsApp call me FORMCO (Foundation Of Righteous Matters Charity Organization). We are a none profit, hit me up on how we operates on gmail formco.ngo@gmail.com.


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