To begin with, this post isn’t about religion, and does not in anyway intend to interfere with religion, it’s caption so because the aim is to find ways to protect one’s mental health when faced with disappointment, perhaps heartbreak from elusive hopes. Let get right on the question of what to do, when you believe God and still fail.

Previous generations have built a world where the current generation grew into doctrinal beliefs. Most of these doctrines presented to us creates diverse expectations and some sort of Fear, you will agree with me that when expectations fail, if not properly managed, it has a way of wrecking a life and destiny.

 When we place our deepest trust in the divine, believing that with unwavering faith, we can conquer any obstacle that comes our way. We’ve heard the adage that faith can move mountains, and so we invest our hearts, souls, and hopes into the hands of a higher power. Yet, in the midst of our profound faith, we find ourselves standing before the formidable mountains of failure, disappointment, and adversity, wondering, “What do we do now?

Stay with me to the end, let navigate this reality towards safety.

For those who have put all their faith in God and still experienced the bitter sting of failure, the journey can be a perplexing and disheartening one. We may question our beliefs, our worth, and our very purpose. However, it’s essential to remember that moments of failure are not a sign of divine abandonment but rather an opportunity for profound growth, transformation, and, ultimately, a stronger connection with the divine.

Another question can pop out here. How does disappointments create a Stronger connection with someone who had watch you failed, or perhaps, someone who watched you screamed his name for safety yet, you watched your love ones gone? Good question, if you resonated with the above questions, let go deeper.

 There are two Gods guiding you. You ought to know that when the invisible one fail, the other wouldn’t fail you, which other god is this writer referring to

 ” YOU” I mean ‘you’ reading this, you’re a god, who is a god? Someone with some sort of power to create something. I believe you know that you’ve got powers beyond what you have currently explored, your powers became LIMITED when you played LAZY shifting responsibilities to your FAITH.

 If you lose faith in any God you revered, don’t lose faith in “YOU” you can pick up your broken pieces and create a life that is fit for you to live in the real world that’s far from elusions. In this exploration, we delve into the profound paradox of faith and failure. We seek to understand what individuals, who have anchored their trust in God, can do when faced with seemingly insurmountable setbacks. This journey is not just a call to reflection, but a roadmap for retaining your sanity, finding solace, and discovering renewed purpose amidst the shadows of disappointment. So, let us embark together on a path of healing, resilience, and faith that transcends even the darkest of moments. What should you do?



When you’ve believed in God and still find yourself facing failure, it’s crucial to detach from these external expectations. It is not the time to query your self, guilt your actions and slide into irredeemable depression. This means consciously disconnecting from the opinions, judgments, and standards imposed by others. Instead, turn your focus inward, toward your own values, desires, and aspirations.

Work on realities and the invisible part of you. To zero your mind from every form of external expectations is HEALING. Zeroing your mind from external expectations is an act of self-liberation. It allows you to redefine success on your own terms and align your actions with your inner convictions.

Here’s how you can begin this process. The world is filled with external pressures and societal expectations, it’s easy to become entangled in a web of what others believe you should achieve or become. Whether it’s the pressure to conform to societal norms, meet family expectations, or follow a predetermined path, these external expectations can weigh heavily on your shoulders, especially when you’ve placed your faith in a higher power.

Allow yourself to navigate your life around what works for you rather than what you’re told would work for you. Explore life from the angle of freeing up from societal dogma and from every threats from it.



 Most times, we tend to disconnect from our inner power in an attempt to connect with a higher power whom we were told, he has all the powers to help us through some sort of super MIRACLES.

The more our reliance on external, the more we disconnect from what should matter to us and who should matter to us and when reality beckon, we tend to question our aspirations and desires. At times, it might seem like your dreams have been dashed, and the path you envisioned is shrouded in uncertainty. In such moments, taking a step back to reflect on your true desires becomes essential, as a matter of urgency, there’s need to reconnect with the core of who you are.


Ask yourself, What do I genuinely desire? Consider this as a process of self-discovery, allowing your inner voice to speak without the noise of external influences.



 Everything should be inward, live and be guided by your own values, Once you’ve clarified your true desires, set goals that are intrinsically motivating. These goals are driven by your inner passion and sense of purpose, rather than external validation. Pray on your efforts and make critical and carefully planned steps, when i mean pray, i don’t mean religious prayers, I’m referring to assuring your self that you’re going to pull through it, positive self talks is a personal prayers that doesn’t depend on having faith upon some sort of external forces. The real force is the one you create, don’t forget that you’re a god.



 Having a set of core value isn’t some sort of motivational preaching, it is what will guide you to pursue only what aligns with what you want to achieve, it is what will set your actions and plans towards success even when you fail, it will be a redirecting compass. Identify your core values, the principles that guide your decisions and actions. Ensure that your desires align with these values, as pursuing goals that resonate with your values brings a deeper sense of fulfillment.

N/B: Any value that depends on external factors and external faith is still gambling.



Close your eyes and imagine your ideal life, unburdened by past setbacks. What does it look like? What experiences, relationships, or accomplishments are a part of this vision? Don’t forget to exercise your daily positive affirmations as it is the only prayers that points inward and depends on the inward forces of the universe to bring them to pass.



 Keep in mind that there’s no success without failure, will you fail? Oh yes!! The difference between failure from your own strategies and failure from depending on another force’s strategy is that, you have the road map in your hands, the power to refill and refire is embedded within, it is easier to succeed without building hope on external sources because you have control over what is and what is not, you have control over timing and structures, the scope is within you and not outside, it doesn’t depend on fasting and praying, it is not built on external hopes and indoctrinated beliefs. your true desires may evolve over time. Be open to change and adapt your goals accordingly. Failure can be a catalyst for growth and transformation.



When you’re able to deactivate your mind from all sort of external expectations, be it mortal or immortal, you accept to take your life and destiny in your hands and yo chase the picture in your focus, rather than chasing the picture that’s told by another person.

Also, by taking the time to reflect on your true desires, you not only rekindle your sense of purpose but also reaffirm your connection to your inner self and your faith.

This process can be a powerful source of resilience and motivation as you navigate the challenges that come your way, even when you believe in God and face moments of failure.

When you follow this practical path to allow your intuition to thrive, only then can you achieve peace , growth and success even when failure evolves, you will be able to push it aside rather than sliding into destructive depression.



Thank you for reaching this point, please take out some time and leave your thoughts in the comments section, i want to hear your views? Is it different or it aligns. What are your experiences too? 



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