Ever found yourself wondering  WHY GOOD PEOPLE EASILY FAVOR THE WRONG ONES?  Or why do genuine people hardly find a space in the heart of another good person? Do you also wonder why those with good intentions usually encounter hard time with scrutiny threading the path along with the people they have flare for?


Imagine you having flare for someone who’s busy investing into another folk who doesn’t care as much as you do heavily, think of some good guy who has the biggest heart and the kindest smile, ended up entangled with someone who seems all wrong?

This is the paradox of life, it float in both intimate relationships and normal same sex Friendship.


The good guy tend to bond with a wrong friend, same is applicable to intimate relationships.

It sounds awful when people invest heavily into the wrong bag only to become sceptical and narcissistic when they meet another who is entirely different.

We’re about to dive into the labyrinthine world of relationships, where good people occasionally choose those who don’t deserve their goodness.


This is a tale of human complexity, of vulnerabilities and attractions that defy logic and reason.

This post is not based on some sort of assumptions, it’s rather a reality unearthed from deep research and from the bed of experience. 

Stay with me as we try to reflect on all the why(s).







There is a gap in every walking and Living human being that is meant for another to fill, the media may paint and showcases different people from the perspective of Bold and brave, even the most benevolent souls carry hidden vulnerabilities.

Good-hearted individuals, known for their compassion and kindness, are not immune to the shadows of their past.

These shadows can take the form of unresolved traumas, past heartbreaks, or the nagging specters of insecurities, casting a subtle influence on their choices and desires.


Good people usually appear strong but the reality is most times far from it facade. The individual’s vulnerability is the derivative of yearning for someone to fill out the empty spaces.

This vulnerability isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a testament to the profound spectrum of human emotion.

The same capacity for empathy and understanding that defines good-hearted individuals can also render them susceptible to manipulation.

It’s as though they peer into the depths of others souls, always searching for the flicker of goodness, often extending trust even when it’s not earned.




It’s good to know that some have learned and Master the Art of seduction, Emotional manipulation is a skill often wielded by those who recognize the chinks in the armor of good-hearted individuals. The wrong ones, as if following an unwritten script, masterfully exploit these vulnerabilities to their advantage.

They weave a complex tapestry of charm, affection, and calculated behaviors that play on the heartstrings of their unsuspecting targets.

They appear to be and have everything that looks like a solace, carving for themselves both a perfect quality and appearance in deceptive shell.

Imagine the scenario: One caring friend who always lends a listening ear finds themselves entangled with someone who seems to understand them in ways no one else has.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the dynamic shifts. The manipulator employs techniques like gaslighting, a disorienting tactic that makes the victim doubt their own perception of reality.

Or they engage in love bombing, showering their prey with affection and attention to create an addictive emotional bond.


Often times, they appear and sound to have your defense, they usually have a way of creating a false trust from their prey, this could be manifested in different ways: take for instance, someone creating a scenario that evidently shows he’s defending you in your absence, or he’s seen fighting for your course, showering your praises and goodness, they usually use another category of people as tools to achieve this craft. They use the blabbers, the talkers, the gossiper, this way, their victim would get to hear the report easily like from a RADIO WAVE. And when this is done, they achieve a solid place in the heart of the vulnerable target.




If the vulnerable target has some sort of SUPERIORITY OR WHAT THEY STAND TO GAIN, let say, Money, connection and recommendation. This junk emotional predators often claim the reserve favorite position, to the Boss or the center personality.

I’ve encountered these emotional manipulators in Families, religious worship house  work place, friends to friends, et,al.

For the good-hearted person, the journey becomes a tumultuous roller coaster ride.

Emotions are twisted, boundaries eroded, and clarity blurred. The manipulator maintains control by making their victim believe they’re the source of their own unhappiness, effectively turning them into both the pawn and the puppeteer of their own emotional turmoil.

It’s a psychological dance where manipulation preys upon empathy, where calculated moves entangle with genuine emotions.




Breaking the cycle of falling for the wrong ones requires a blend of self-awareness, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to personal growth.

It’s about reclaiming the power that was temporarily relinquished and using it to reshape one’s relationship narrative.

What are the tentative strategies to break free?



Recognizing one’s own worth and valuing oneself as much as others is key. Good-hearted individuals must internalize the lesson that they deserve love, respect, and authenticity in their relationships.

When your tank of self worth is below minimum, it easier to be bought off.

The truth is, people are not nice for free, genuine people are rare.




 It’s might be difficult to decrypt red flags that are buried in camouflage. For instance, from personal point and opinion, some red flags include; introducing your self as pastor, imam, or whatever religious affiliation you may put out, that’s an easy way to fish out a potential falsehood. I personally have identified those indicators that has constantly kept my AUTOMATIC BULSHIT DETECTOR active, do you want to learn more?  Bring some 


These telltale signs of manipulation, and acknowledging the triggers that drew them in initially helps prevent history from repeating itself.

You want my advice? Be watchful, that doesn’t mean, you should be repellant. Apply wisdom.

Building a support network of Friends, family, or professionals is possible but also impossible, remember you can use the IMPOSSIBLE to create the POSSIBLE, again i say, “BE WISE “





When you have fallen a victim, when the storm of emotional manipulation finally subsides, and the good-hearted individual emerges from the shadows of deception, a journey of redemption and healing begins.

It’s a process that requires facing the harsh truths, acknowledging the manipulation, and forgiving oneself for the choices made while under its spell.


The aftermath can be a battlefield of emotions. Confusion, anger, and a sense of betrayal often collide with a deep longing for the connection that was promised.

But as the fog clears, there emerges a glimmer of self-discovery.

These experiences, while painful, reveal the depths of one’s strength and resilience.The road to healing is paved with introspection and self-compassion.


It’s about unraveling the threads of manipulation, separating them from genuine emotions, and rebuilding the shattered self.

It’s learning to recognize the signs, to set boundaries, and to embrace the reality that vulnerability is not a weakness but a part of being human.




The journey of why good people fall for the wrong ones is a tapestry of emotions woven through vulnerability, manipulation, and eventual redemption.

It’s a journey that underscores the intricate layers of human relationships, where even the most well-intentioned souls can be ensnared by the siren’s call of charm and charisma.Ultimately, it’s about rewriting the narrative.


Good-hearted individuals learn to guard their vulnerabilities without losing their innate kindness. They become the architects of their own destiny, cultivating relationships that are grounded in authenticity, trust, and mutual understanding.

The tale of why good people fall for the wrong ones is a universal story, one that resonates because it touches the chords of our shared humanity.

It’s a reminder that beneath the complexities of attraction and manipulation, there lies the enduring capacity to heal, learn, and create a brighter, healthier future.




I hope you got some value, do you have another point aside from what’s mentioned in the article?

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I’m looking forward to seeing what’s your thoughts and EXPERIENCES.




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